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Spring and Autumn Syndrome

Spring and Autumn Syndrome

10th October 2017, Posted By: Jackie Jones

It's that time of the year when Spring and Autumn Syndrome is very common.  This is normally associated with smoke coming back down your chimney/flue when you are lighting your fire which is very frustrating and can smoke your house out!  It occurs when the air inside the chimney/flue is colder than the air outside which causes a cold plug of air to form in the chimney/flue.  Here are some hints on how to combat it:

1. Use firelighters rather than newspaper to start your fire.  Newspaper burns very quickly with very little heat and you want to warm the chimney/flue up.  The best firelighters are the natural ones - we sell Flamers natural firelighters and they are brilliant.

2. Build the fire gradually.  Start with a firelighter and some dry kindling.  Leave the stove door ajar after lighting.  Wait until the kindling is burning well then add a small log. Wait until the log is burning well then add another small log.  When all the logs are burning well, then shut the door.  If the firebox fills with smoke again, open the stove door and leave ajar for a while longer.

3. You may need to open a door or window to get some extra draught into the room to help the smoke break through the cold plug of air in the chimney/flue.

Hope this helps!