with its distinctive three-tick logo is the organisation recognised by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (previously Department of the Environment) as the official testing and approval body for the domestic solid fuel industry. Established in 1936, HETAS Ltd is an independent self-governing body whose members are from the full spectrum of organisations having an interest in solid fuel.

The Mark of Quality

HETAS Ltd approves and gives the three-tick logo mark of quality assurance to solid fuels, solid fuel fired appliances and associated equipment and services. In an age of Kitemarks, EU standards and increased awareness of health and safety regulations, HETAS® provides a seal of approval in which consumers can place their trust.
By setting high standards, the three-tick logo has helped to make dramatic improvements in appliance efficiency, safety, ease of operation, output and durability. The annual ‘Guide of Approved Solid Fuel Products and Services’ has become an invaluable resource for consumers seeking safe, reliable and easy to operate products that fully meet manufacturers' claims.

An Expanded Range of Services

As well as applying its expertise to solid mineral fuels and heating appliances, HETAS Ltd is constantly expanding its range of services to encompass important new elements. A nation-wide registration scheme for installers and engineers is now in operation, training courses such as those for NACS and for heating engineers are supervised with HETAS expanding its approval and listing services to include factory made chimneys, flues, firelighters and CO warning devices.

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